Solavei Review – Is Solavei a “Scam”?

Solavei Review – Is Solavei a “Scam”?

Chances are, if your coming here to this Solavei Review, your doing your due diligence to see if Solavei is a ‘scam’ or not.

Before joining any ‘opportunity’, you need to have all the facts in place.

Here’s a quick Solavei Review video made for you that explains the basics of the opportunity…

A little about myself…

For many of you already, you know here at, I’m the moderator, and do anything possible, to make sure our loyal readers have all the tools, and tips to make money anywhere throughout the world.

We’ve only recommended products we personally use…

And only stand by products that we use, and feel like our readers and fellow freedom seekers can also use, in their personal lives.

Solavei is one of those such products and services…

We essentially have seen Solavei on the market now for about a year, however we put off refering the product, as myself, and fellow teamates weren’t ready as we were helping other fellow network marketers in various other network marketing business, succeed online promoting their own network marketing businesses.


The right time has presented itself, and we’ve jumped in to the ‘get your cell phone for free’ movement.

Are you getting your cell phone for free :) ?

So How Does Solavei Work?

Essentially, ask yourself these (3) questions…

  1. How many people do you know use cell phones?
  2. How many of those people do you think would like to save, or potentially get their cell phone service free?
  3. If we could show you, how to get your cell phone service for free, and potentially make a nice recurring income monthly, would it be worth (5) minutes of your time to see a FREE (5) minute video?

This is the beauty of Solavei.

It’s really that easy to share. You send someone a video via your website that everyone get’s when they join. Then people signup and save. Potentially get their cell phone for free. People as well have an incredible income opportunity to take their Solavei business further, if they’d like. Most people just switch to save. Then realize how easy to get their cell phone for free. Then realize, they can replace their current existing income, with an autopilot recuring income and opportunity in Solavei.

==> Take this Solavei Review to the next level, and ‘subscriber’ here, so you too can learn the power of building your businesses online, and on complete autopilot :).

Can you get your cell phone for FREE

As brought up earlier, you can get your Solavei cell phone service for free. Simply refer (9) people, which = (3) trios, and you not only get your cell phone service for free, but you’ve got some extra $ in your pocket. This doesn’t count what the people whom you shared your opportunity with do with their business. You also as well get paid for their work.

Solavei Compensation Plansolavie scam

How to Make Great Money With the Tips in This Solavei Review

Like any opportunity, success requires hard work, and is not guaranteed. For us at Make Money Blogging PROS, we’ve brought in close to 100 teamates in various other opportunities, all because we’ve worked hard, but because we’ve taught our teamates, leveraged systems, and techniques to share their passions, interests, and opportunities with others. Results will depend upon how much work you decide to put into your business. As one smart network marketer said: ‘The results in any business are dependent on how many people see your opportunity videos, and how many 3way calls and how many people attend the events.’ We here at Make Money Blogging PROS prefer to teach our community how to build their businesses and livelihoods on autopilot.

If your wanting to know the basics of the Solavei Compensation Plan, just know that you gather ‘trios’, or groups of (3) people, so let’s say you brought in your mom, aunt, and friend, that would be a ‘trio’. You get paid $20 per trio. And if someone you bring in brings their own ‘trio’, then you get $10′s. You start too see why it’s so easy to get FREE cell phone service, and why you can make a very generous income, if you work your tail end off asking people to look at your video, on the site that Solavei gives you when you get started.

Here’s a link to a great blog on the Solavei Compensation Plan. It explains in greater detail, how you get paid, when you get paid, and what you have to do to promote.

Is Solavie a “Scam” Or Is It a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Usually when searching for a legitimate opportunity, you want to make sure that a.) the network marketing opportunity your looking into is a member of the Better Business Bureau. b.) The company as well is a member of the Direct Sells Association. As you can see, Solavei is successfully both.

As well, for people to say Solavei is a ‘scam’, Solavei must not be distributing a real product, and or selling something without a legitimate product. Solavei on the other hand only compensates reps when real product is distributed, and therefore being real cell phone services are sold, Solavei without a shadow of a doubt is a real and legitimate business opportunity.

How Do You Get Started in Solavei

Solavei is shared by customers. More than likely someone shared with you their Solavei website, whereby you played their videos explaining the Solavei experiences people are having, and you went straight to the internet to investigate it. It’s a systems and service that is shared by an army of reps and consultants. To get started, simply go to the original person that shared this opportunity with you. If you’d like to join the Make Money Blogging PROS team, we’ll forward you a FREE ┬átraining on how you can build your business online. It’s our ‘secret’ how we’ve been able to almost on autopilot, have 100 teamates in various opportunity. Click here to become a ‘subscriber’ to Make Money Blogging PROS, and feel free to email me at with your name, email, and phone number, and we’ll forward you our exclusive how to build your network marketing business online, a $799 offer for free. Make sure to leave your REAL phone number, as our personal assistant will confirm with you over the phone, that it was indeed you to receive the FREE training.

Jason Waite

“Make Money Blogging PROS’

Solavei Review




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